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Dealing with backlogs in learning is incredibly difficult for teachers. How do we catch-up the gaps that exist when we have to continue teaching the curriculum? How do we give individualised input for each learner? How do we know where the gaps are to begin with? We’re here to make it easier for you.

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How we are different

  • Diagnoses gaps in understanding on up to 81 concepts
  • Builds conceptual understanding with a metacognitive focus to develop flexible thinking
  • Covers backlogs right back to Grade 1 if necessary
  • Guides students through efficient learning pathways
  • Focuses on holistic development measuring six learning behaviours
  • Works with any curriculum
  • Very low data usage due to streamlined content
  • Regular check-in sessions to explore results

Typical maths programs

  • No initial assessment means no understanding of needs
  • Trains students to the test through question practice and procedural answers
  • Covers only the grade the student is in
  • Learner or teacher chooses order of content
  • Only focuses on core Maths content
  • Specific to curriculae
  • High data usage due to rich media content
  • No contact after purchasing access

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Hilton College

Eunice High

Rondebosch Boys High

St Albans College