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Is your child struggling with Maths? Many children who struggle believe that “they’re not a Maths person” and that they will never succeed. But that’s not true – everyone can learn Maths! Most often the problem is that students have missed crucial pieces of understanding from previous years of their education. This is what we help with.

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How we help your child?

  • We identify exactly which parts of Maths they are struggling with
  • We guide students through seven logical learning journeys
  • We cover gaps in understanding right back to the start of primary school if needed
  • We build long term understanding, not exam preparation
  • We partner with schools using any curriculum

How we help your child?

We believe in working with schools. Why? Because we want the best for your child and our results show that Reflective Learning works best when partnering with schools. If your school doesn’t use Reflective Learning, please introduce us and we would love to start a conversation.

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